Orange County Economic Development

Name of Business:  Sweet Neecy

Description: Cake batter production.

What year was your business founded/established?  2010

What made you decide to open your business?  I opened by business because I thought the process of scratch made cakes took up too much time and cleanup.  My goal is to simplify the process of scratch cakes and other desserts. 

What makes your business unique?   What makes my business unique is that not only does my mix make cakes; they also can be used as a base for other baking needs such as cookies, brownies, waffles, sweet breads, cornbread, muffins and much more.

What do you wish your local neighbors (potential customers) knew about your business? I wish my local neighbors and existing customers knew that they can start their own bakery business using Sweet Neecy cake mixes. The delicious recipe options are unlimited. 

What are your next goals for your business (any exciting expansion plans or new product/services)?   My next goals are to focus on my marketing plan in efforts to increase my brand awareness.

If someone were to give you $100,000 to invest in your business, how would you spend it?   If I were given $100,000 to invest in Sweet Neecy, again my brand marketing would be top priority. I would increase my trade show participation; hire a brand/ad agency to help with reaching the desired consumers needed to become a national brand. Part-time sales representative would be added to help with sales and getting my product co-packed to insure to better handle increased sales.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Orange County?  What I enjoy most about doing business in Orange County is it allows me to hire nearby help at Piedmont Food & Agriculture Processing Center where I process my mixes. I am grateful for the opportunity that PFAP has offered Sweet Neecy, without a commercial kitchen I am not sure where I would have begun.

Contact Information:
Owner: Annette Council, President
Address: PO Box 4713
Chapel Hill, NC  27515
Telephone # 919-601-3959
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