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Simplified Personal Driving, LLC

Description:  I provide supplemental personal driving support for families, business professionals, and senior citizens.
What year was your business founded/established?   May, 2017

What made you decide to open your business?   After I was laid off from my previous job, my wife encouraged me to take time to find out what I would really like to do. At any point when someone asked me what my dream job was, my answer was always “To be a personal driver for a family”. There were two reasons for that answer. The first was that I like showing up when their is a clear need. It is fulfilling to me. The second was that I have always had a severe case of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and while driving, I do not hear it.

After the layoff, I realized the huge unfilled gap between taxi/rideshare drivers and chauffeurs. What do families do when they need help getting their child to school? What do folks do when they need someone to not only drive them to a doctor appointment, but need help getting to/from the car, getting their walker/crutches loaded/unloaded, and then company while in the waiting room? What does a working parent do when they break their driving foot or leg?

 What makes your business unique?    Folks need a lot more than just a ride from point A to point B. Sometimes they also need a listening ear, someone to be understanding, and driver that they can trust. With my company, people get the same driver with the same car, every time. Me! That method allows people to have a personal experience that they cannot get through an app. As Simplified is hyper local, money stays right here in Chapel Hill and Orange County.

What do you wish your local neighbors (potential customers) knew about your business?   I believe in the triple bottom line. That is, I believe in taking into account the planet and people while making a profit. I could go on and on about how my beliefs go into my business practices, but I do not imagine that there is time or space for me to do so! In short, is irresponsible to make money at the expense of the planet or people.

What are your next goals for your business (any exciting expansion plans or new product/services)?   In 2018, I will be bringing on a second full time driver (aside from myself) and be adding a second car to try to keep pace with demand.

If someone were to give you $100,000 to invest in your business, how would you spend it?   Easy question! I would hire two full time drivers as well as another employee who could take care of scheduling, invoicing, record keeping, social media, and the website. In addition, I would purchase two more cars.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Orange County?   Oh, I can not just list one!

First and foremost, I appreciate the quality of people who call Orange County home. Seriously, I have the most fun and find so much fulfillment in driving clients throughout the county and surrounding ones.

The second is the diversity of land. Driving out of the hustle and bustle of Franklin St. or Carrboro, I can be surrounded by quiet pastures within 10 minutes. As a driver, the change in scenery is terrific! As I drive an average of 125 miles a day, with most miles occurring within Orange County, it is very helpful.

Contact Information:             

Owner: Alex Nickodem
Address: Chapel Hill
Hours 24/7 by advanced notice
Telephone # 404-796-0350