Orange County Economic Development

Town of Hillsborough holds open houses on land use plan changes

By Erin Wiltgen, News of Orange 9.12.12


Hillsborough residents will have an opportunity to review the town’s future land use plan and discuss changes with staff at two open houses.

The drop-in sessions—held Thursday, Sept. 13, and Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the Town Barn, 101 E. Orange St.—will give residents and property owners the chance to review the future land use plan and the potential amendments in an informal setting. Staff can answer any questions people might have in preparation for the town board’s public hearing Thursday, Oct. 18.

At this level, it’s fairly dry, but it’s enormously important,” Mayor Tom Stevens said. “I know most folks aren’t looking at things until there’s some project or something that immediately impacts them, but, that being said, we want to provide every opportunity for people to understand what our long-range plans are with zoning and what town processes are, what’s on the horizon and make things as transparent as possible.

The future land use plan acts as a guide to town staff, residents and potential developers for the various uses Hillsborough would like different areas to have. Not quite as formal as official zoning, the plan gives a more general view—though zoning designations do have to remain consistent with the use map.

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