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Name of Business: Infinity Holistic Healthcare

Description: Infinity Holistic Healthcare is a natural health clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Dr. Nicole DiNezza helps patients overcome their health issues using herbs, vitamins, nutrition, stress reduction techniques, and chiropractic adjustments. Dr. DiNezza’s expertise is in helping those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), thyroid problems, and chronic fatigue, although other conditions are seen at her office.

 What year was your business founded/established? 2015

 What made you decide to open your business? My unique skill set and holistic treatment methods make it difficult to fit into either the traditional medical or chiropractic world. It is for this reason that I decided to open my own office… although I see the appeal of working for someone else and not taking on the stress of business ownership!

 What makes your business unique? I understand that no two people are alike, even if they have the same diagnosis. Treatment plans are carefully planned and are as unique as the individual they are prescribed for. This stands in contrast to conventional western medicine that too often prescribes a pill for a condition without looking at the individual.

 What do you wish your local neighbors (potential customers) knew about your business? Investing in your health isn’t always easy, but it will pay for itself many times over. It takes a lot to take care of yourself, but you only have one body to live in, so you’d better take care of the one you have!

 What are your next goals for your business (any exciting expansion plans or new product/services)? I am developing an online class that helps new mothers figure out and treat their constipation.

If someone were to give you $100,000 to invest in your business, how would you spend it? I would hire a full time assistant/receptionist, invest in some new treatment equipment (a cold laser), invest in marketing efforts, buy books for the office lending library, and invest in my continuing education. -Dr. DiNezza

 What do you enjoy most about doing business in Orange County? Orange County has so many amazing healthy resources! CSAs, co-ops, organic and no-spray farms, healthy restaurants, meetup groups, and natural parenting groups are among the resources that I personally utilize and refer my patients to on a regular basis.

Contact Information:      

Owner Dr. Nicole DiNezza, DC, NTP
Mailing Address 1289 N. Fordham Blvd, Ste C1     Chapel Hill, NC  27514
Phone Number (919) 238-4094
Hours By Appointment Only