Orange County Economic Development

Supporting Businesses in Orange County

Orange County Economic Development takes a custom approach to business assistance packages, working closely with new and relocating businesses on an individual basis and building a package that will meet that particular business’s needs. The business assistance team at Orange County Economic Development brings a range of expertise and services to each engagement, from site selection and development to employee housing options.

These services are free of charge and include:

  • Provide tailored site selection analysis
  • Develop analysis of current market, economic and demographic conditions
  • Perform custom labor market assessment
  • Provide analysis of utility costs – water, sewer, natural gas, telecommunications, electric power
  • Assist in the creation of custom incentives package
  • Provide information on the cost of living and quality of life
  • Arrange field visits, tours of real estate and meetings with appropriate local business executives and government officials
  • Help to fast-track permitting process
  • Assist in the final details of facility occupancy
  • Announcements and press releases promoting new companies and local expansions

Financial Services & Resources

As directed by the Orange County Board of Commissioners, funding for these financial assistance programs have been made possible with the collection of the special ¼ cent retail sales tax (called “Article 46” funds) designated to be used for economic development purposes, following passage of the special referendum approved by Orange County voters in November 2011.   Article 46 funds help promote a variety of programs intended to help strengthen and diversity the County’s local economy, to include the attraction, growth and retention of our many valued small businesses and agricultural based operations.  On behalf of the Orange County Board of Commissioners and the County Manager’s office, Orange County Economic Development staff salutes all of our local small businesses and farms, and especially commends the operations showcased here as a successful example of the “faces of Article 46”.