Orange County Economic Development


    Grow Your Business In Orange NC

Orange County offers everything a business could want for smart growth, and plenty of space to grow. It is also where businesses plant their seeds. Through various incentives, an optimal business climate, skilled workforce and other unique-to-this-area attributes, businesses can grow quickly and intelligently.

Offering easy global travel for people and products alike, there are abundant reasons to start, move or grow your business to Orange County North Carolina. We are no longer America’s best-kept secret; approximately 154,000 people move to this state every day and 4718 people moved to Orange County last year. Taxes for businesses here are relatively low – North Carolina has the 6th–lowest cost of doing business. The educated workforce number is high. Our distinct mix of diversity, culture, cosmopolitanism and high-tech in the midst of a rural, scenic landscape comes together in a business horizon that’s seemingly endless. Orange County is home to innovative entrepreneurs with a natural linkage to the world-renowned University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.