Orange County Economic Development

Name of Business:  Great Clips

Description: Haircuts, styles and hair care products

What year was your business founded/established? 2004

What made you decide to open your business? A chance to give back to the community and have a little more control over my own destiny.  A chance to get out of corporate America

What makes your business unique? We have low employee turnover in a high employee turnover business.

What do you wish your local neighbors (potential customers) knew about your business? I have lived and worked in Orange County since 1984. My wife and I raised our kids here and consider this area home. We donate to schools and other local organizations every year.

What are your next goals for your business (any exciting expansion plans or new product/services)? To continue to our steady growth, enrich the lives of our employees and continue to give back to the community.

If someone were to give you $100,000 to invest in your business, how would you spend it?  Open another location if I can find a good one locally

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Orange County? The ease of doing business in Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. There isn’t a lot of red tape and onerous sign regulations.

Contact Information:            

Owner: Cosby Dudley
Address: 525 Hampton Pointe – Hillsborough 
Hours Monday-Friday:  9 am-9 pm
Saturday:  9 am-6 pm
Sunday:  11 am-6 pm
Telephone # (919) 644-2547