Orange County Economic Development

Name of Business: A.V. Gourmet

 Description: Catering and Event Planning 

 What year was your business founded/established? 2013

 What made you decide to open your business? My passion for cooking and the love for weddings.

 What makes your business unique? Our personalized service and customized menus.

 What do you wish your local neighbors (potential customers) knew about your business? We wish they knew about our gourmet cooking and specials. Our service includes a day of coordination, which helps couples save between $900 to $1200. A.V. Gourmet is a Winner of the outstanding exhibitor award at the 2016 NC bridal show  (thanks our famous shrimp and grits).

 What are your next goals for your business (any exciting expansion plans or new product/services)? Get our own wedding venue.

 If someone were to give you $100,000 to invest in your business, how would you spend it? We would buy property for our own wedding venue

 What do you enjoy most about doing business in Orange County? The people, we always say that orange county has been good to us

Contact information

Owner:           Alexis or Leo Valentine
Address:        500 Valley Forge Road
                        Hillsborough, NC
Hours:            9am to 5pm
Telephone #: (919) 943-5275