Business Assistance

Orange County Economic Development takes a custom approach to business assistance packages, working closely with new and relocating businesses on an individual basis and building a package that will meet that particular business’s needs.

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Agriculture in Economic Development

As world leaders address the increasing challenge of feeding the earth’s population, Orange County is providing entrepreneurs with both the inspiration and resources to find solutions.

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Tourism in Economic Development

Tourism is a vital part of economic development and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Tourists contribute to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues and income to Orange County.

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Site Selectors

Get to know Orange County and all of its assets!

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It’s North Carolina’s ideal landscape. For business, for life, and everything in between. Orange County gives you rolling hills and lush green countryside – a rural, down-home feel that blends seamlessly with a cosmopolitan worldview. Here, you’ll find everything your business needs to thrive: a highly educated workforce, superior schools, a world-renowned university system, pioneering technology and research, unprecedented healthcare, and diversity across the board. Toss in our mild climate, and we’re not just the perfect mix – we’re your perfect business environment. In more ways than one.

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